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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, please call us at (855) 735-4826.


Who can use Veterans Ride Connect services?

  Transportation services are provided to all veterans, regardless of age or financial status. Any person who has served in a military force is considered to be a veteran.


How do I make an appointment?

  Simply call toll free (855) 735-4826. That’s all it takes. One call and you will be connected to the Veterans Ride Connect Mobility Management Center.

When you call, one of our trained customer service representatives will ask you for some basic information before booking your trip with the provider that can best meet your transportation needs.


What are Veterans Ride Connect’s business hours?

  The Veterans Ride Connect Mobility Management Center is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday to take calls from veterans.

  Each transit agency has agreed to transport veterans between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.


How do I know which provider will be handling my transportation?

  Once a Veterans Ride Connect customer service representative has booked your trip with one of the transit agencies, the provider (transit agency) will then contact you to confirm your trip and let you know what time your pickup will be.

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, the transit agency may have some more questions for you in addition to those asked by the Veterans Ride Connect customer service representative.


What is one-call/one-click?

  One-call/one-click refers to the Veterans Ride Connect mission, which is to provide veterans with a single point of contact to learn about available transportation resources in Oklahoma.

  This means that one phone call to (855) 735-4826 puts a veteran in touch with Veterans Ride Connect, whose customer service representatives then arrange transportation for the veterans with one of the participating transit agencies.


Where will Veterans Ride Connect take me?

  Veterans Ride Connect will take you wherever you need to go. Currently, medical trips are the priority. As funding to subsidize trips comes in, we hope to be able to provide transportation for other needs such as shopping, education, employment or social reasons.

Veterans Ride Connect provides services throughout eastern Oklahoma. So, wherever a veteran needs to go, Veterans Ride Connect will provide him or her with safe, reliable and local transportation services, curb-to-curb.


Our service area includes these counties:

  Adair • Atoka • Cherokee • Craig • Creek • Delaware • Haskell • Hughes • Johnston • Kay • Latimer • Le Flore • Marshall • Mayes • McIntosh • Murray • Muskogee • Nowata • Okfuskee • Okmulgee • Osage • Ottawa • Pawnee • Pittsburg • Rogers • Sequoyah • Tulsa • Wagoner • Washington

  A portion of Seminole County is also included in our service area. Other destinations outside the service area will also be considered.

  Veterans Ride Connect will coordinate with any medical facility, as well as Veterans Administration clinics and hospitals, including the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center in Muskogee. We will also work with Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).



How much does a ride cost?

  Transit fares may apply.

  As part of our efforts to enhance the quality of life of veterans in our region, Veterans Ride Connect continues to seek additional funding streams that would allow us to further reduce transportation costs for our veterans. Our goal is for all transit services to be completely affordable for a United States veteran.

Any fees charged help cover the cost of drivers’ wages, insurance, gas, and maintenance.


Can someone ride along with me?

  It depends. Travel aides can ride with the veteran. In addition, travel aides ride free, even if the aide is a spouse.


My doctor is located in a different city. Can Veterans Ride Connect get me there?

  Yes. Veterans Ride Connect’s participating transit agencies coordinate transportation for veterans whose trips take them across multiple counties or service areas.

  If necessary, the transit agencies can meet and transfer riders in order to get them to the different areas.

  Other destinations outside the service area will also be considered.

  Long-distance trips should be booked at least three days in advance. Long distance refers to outside the city limits of the closest transit agency.


I’m in a wheelchair or have trouble with steps, can Veterans Ride Connect still help me?

  All of the Veterans Ride Connect transit agencies use ADA-compliant vehicles, including minivans and shuttle buses. And, our drivers are highly trained in wheelchair securement and all other aspects of transit safety.

  Veterans Ride Connect vehicles can also accommodate veterans who use walkers. However, if you need assistance getting to and from the bus, you will need to have a travel aide accompany you.


How soon should I schedule my ride?

  Rides are based on driver availability, so the sooner we know of your need the better.

  Long-distance trips (outside the city limits of the closest transit agency) should be booked at least three days in advance.


What happens if my doctor’s appointment goes beyond the mobile management center hours? Who do I call to pick me up?

  Unless you have a specific pickup time, return trips are booked as will call. Your driver will give you his or her phone number. When your appointment is over, call your driver and they will come pick you up.

  Veterans Ride Connect can transport you between the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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